Tests for Licensure

Tests for Licensure

Teachers in NC are required to take all exams in the first year of licensure and pass by the end of the third. Candidates are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take all required licensure tests before their student teaching internship when (1) knowledge from their coursework is recent; (2) they have the support of UNC Charlotte faculty, staff, and resources; and (3) they are not simultaneously completing edTPA. Candidates with a lateral entry or residency license must pass all required exams before their license can be cleared. This testing chart contains information on the required licensure tests for all content areas: UNC Charlotte Licensure Assessments.

Effective 04/06/2019, Elementary Education and Special Education – General Curriculum candidates can elect to take either the Pearson General Curriculum Mathematics subtest or the Praxis Elementary Education CKT Mathematics test (7803/7813) to satisfy the mathematics component of their licensure testing requirements. A brief description of each assessment is provided below to help with selection:

The Pearson General Curriculum Mathematics subtest assesses the mathematics content knowledge that teachers know. It is a timed test. The alignment of test items indicates that it includes mathematics concepts largely covered in 7th grade, 8th grade, and Math I. There is one free-response question (10% of the test) focusing on student errors and teaching strategies.

The Praxis Elementary CKT Mathematics subtest (7803/7813) assesses knowledge of mathematics content, mathematics teaching strategies, and common student misconceptions and errors in mathematics. It is a timed test. The alignment of test items indicates that it includes mathematics concepts covered in kindergarten through 6th grade. There are multiple choice and open-ended questions, all focusing on teaching strategies, student errors, and ways to solve problems.  

Students should request that their licensure test scores, including edTPA, be sent to the NC Department of Public Instruction and UNC Charlotte during the registration process. The following resources are a sample of the many that are available to assist students in their exam preparation.

Praxis Subject Assessments

NC Foundations of Reading and General Curriculum


Per legislative action and NC State Board of Education policy, beginning September 1, 2019, all candidates seeking a NC professional educator's license must have an official passing score on edTPA. A passing score on edTPA is required of all UNC Charlotte initial licensure candidates in order to successfully complete the student teaching internship and receive a licensure recommendation. edTPA products must be submitted to Pearson for official external scoring and completed in the area of licensure for which the candidate is recommended (NOTE: undergraduate middle grades candidates must take the Praxis Subject Assessment and edTPA in the same content area). Minimum passing scores and required scores for the highly qualified pay bump (in addition to a 3.75 GPA) are below:






Elementary Education (Undergraduate only)




Foreign Language




All other content areas, including Elementary Education (Graduate Certificate in Teaching only), Middle Grades, Secondary, Special Education, SPEL (Special Education and Elementary Dual), B-K, TESL, and all Arts areas






NOTE: edTPA scoring rules include a condition codes policy. All pieces of the edTPA product must be “score-able” (i.e., no condition codes in place of scores). If more than 2 pieces of an edTPA task are not score-able, the entire portfolio is not score-able. Candidates are encouraged to check their products prior to submission to make sure all files are complete. For more information, see the edTPA Condition Code scoring policy.

For information about edTPA or access to edTPA materials, visit the COED Office of Assessment and Accreditation website at https://edassessment.uncc.edu/edtpa-information. For information about the NC HQ pay increase for higher edTPA scores, visit the edTPA FAQs.