Sarah Johnson

Photo of Sarah Johnson
Administrative Associate
COED 119

Sarah joined the UNC Charlotte team in May 2016 as an Administrative Support Specialist with a concentration on Teacher Education Licensure. She spent eleven years working in the private sector of higher education, assisting students and parents in the college admissions and financial aid application process. Sarah attended Central Piedmont Community College for Business Management.

As the TEAL office licensure support specialist, Sarah reviews and prepares all documents necessary to complete the licensure process for graduating students. She works with The NC Department of Public Instruction, among others, to verify graduates’ applications are ready for recommendation.

Sarah enjoys being in a social setting. She frequents concerts, movies, shows, and is looking forward to next year’s concert line-up. Visiting new aquariums and zoos are always on the top of her to-do list. Her newest interests include professional sporting events and event planning.