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Teacher Education Advising and Licensure (TEAL) provides a full range of services for students before, during, and after their admission to a Teacher Education Program. Responsiveness to students and faculty members is the office's primary goal.This office assists students from the time in which they become interested in education as a profession, throughout their period of enrollment at UNC Charlotte. Well-planned and organized procedures in the areas of academic advising, professional licensure processing, and general information dissemination help students succeed in the complete continuum of academic requirements.

TEAL offers Pre-Education advising that includes developing and maintaining planning sheets for Pre-Education Freshmen, Sophomores, Transfer students, and other students not yet admitted into a Teacher Education Program. Advisees' progress towards entrance into a Teacher Education Program is monitored. TEAL also participates in student recruitment, as well as assisting with teacher licensure by processing initial applications, add-ons, updating faculty licenses, verifying NC licensure of persons applying for licensure in other states, processing applications for and maintaining liaison with the Department of Public Instruction, and supplying forms and information for Praxis. Transcript evaluations are completed for "post-bacs" (degreed persons wishing to teach) and lateral entries once admitted to the University. TEAL provides current information on score requirements for Praxis exams, awards,Praxis registration booklets and scholarships for education students.

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